How Christians Get Off Target

Lately the national attention has plopped into the bathroom.  What is usually known as the restroom has provided anything but.  On the left stand those who seek to honor and protect transgender folks.  To the right, and at the ready, are those who seek to protect women and children.

Before we go any further, lets flush some nonsense that’s been floating for much too long.

  1. I could be wrong, but–It seems that most people on the right aren’t bigots.  They’re just big on the safety of women and children.
  2. I could be wrong, but–It seems that most people on the left are for the well being of transgender folks.  They aren’t against the safety of women and children.
  3. I could be wrong, but–No serious person is saying that transgender or LGBT individuals are pedophiles.   There have been and likely will be more deviants who leverage this for easier access for voyeurism and whatever else gets them their jollies.

There are sincere Christians on both sides of the issue.  For those of us who are followers of Christ, we are commanded to love our enemies.   I don’t think  opponents in this matter are enemies, but I’m pretty sure that Jesus would want us to love even those who think we are wrong.

Loving means having the best interest of the other at heart.  Serving that.  Sacrificing for that.  Giving to that.  Following Jesus means that I care about the safety of women and children and that I care about the well-being of all transgender individuals.  I once heard Andy Stanley say,

We can disagree on what’s BEST for people, but we can’t disagree that what’s BEST for people is what’s BEST.

THIS IS HOW CHRISTIANS GET OFF TARGET:  We only consider what’s best for some, not all.  What is best for women and children?  I’m sure it includes safety from sexual predators.  What is best for transgender folks?   It may include eliminating moments of angst and inner turmoil that come with having to publicly identify differently than they privately and personally identify.    I don’t think it would hurt anyone if we mustered up some wisdom in an effort to care for all involved.

However you answer that second question, I hope your care and concern doesn’t end with access to a toilette.  Personally, I’m confused and horrified that a life choice that leads so many to suicide is so widely and naively celebrated.

I’m not sure that it’s helpful to pile on Target.  I know it’s not helpful when we get off target.


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