Episode 55 | Dead Man Walking Pt. 2

The claim that Jesus rose from the dead is well documented and undeniable.  But is that claim credible?  Scholars of all stripes agree on 5 bedrock facts.  What explanation best accounts for all of those facts?  It’s not enough to submit a theory.  You must support it with evidence.  Pastors Mike Bell and Rick Henderson dive in and evaluate each theory against the evidence.


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  1. nationofnope says:

    No, it’s not document anywhere. If there were any proof where is it. Note the Bible. Each of the resurrection stories differ. Every rational person knows that once you die you stay dead. That there is no such things as gods, ghosts, demons, miracles, fairies, pixies, angels, sighs, trolls, spirits etc. But hay, you find the proof and you’ll be as well known as the big j himself.


    1. Declaring a point is much easier than demonstrating it. You’re an example of that. You side stepped what we presented and pretend that a case wasn’t made. Why not have the guts to engage the evidence?


      1. nationofnope says:

        What evidence would that be?


      2. I’m bored, so I’ll reply. But this is my last reply should you continue to play this childish game. We presented in the podcast. Either have the guts to engage what we presented or skurry away to your echo chamber of self-congratulatory, confirmation bias.


      3. nationofnope says:

        I think I’m getting it. You have nothing. Talk about confirmation bias. Your evidence is scripture. Right? Be a hero and tell us what you got or shut your gob.

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