Sacred Skeptic [sey-kridskep-tik]

(noun) A person who is willing to 1) question assumptions, beliefs and popular narratives and  2) follow the truth–whatever it is, wherever it leads.

More than blogs and podcasts, this a community for people who’d rather chew on facts than inebriate themselves with happy fictions.  Whether you’re a devout atheist, a devoted Christian or something else entirely–only two things are required to be a Sacred Skeptic.

Humility:  “I could be wrong.”

Courage:  “I’ll follow the truth, wherever it leads.”

We hope to provoke thought, encourage conversations and stoke a hunger for unfiltered truth.  As much as we enjoy being right, we could be wrong.  Step into the arena with us.  Leave comments.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  Send us emails.  Listen and react to the show.


Rick Henderson



Happy husband.  Proud father.  Horrid golfer.  Coffee addict.   Draper Campus Pastor at South Mountain Community Church.

Mike Bell



Worldview purveyor.  Armchair theologian.  Lover of Thai food. Don’t ask me to do math problems.  National Director Hungry For Life USA

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